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It is widely used as dry evaporator for air cooling modular unit, and evaporator and condenser for water source and ground source heat pump, and condenser for water cooler,etc.
  • EXTEK takes distributor to separate flow for new type high effective shelling tube heat exchanger to ensure refrigerant to be distributing averagely in the pipeline;to Max,using heat exchange area.
  • Weld linking with good strength and the pressurization for between heat exchanger tube, distributor, collector, special suitable for R410A system.
  • Tube box and tube panel are being cancelled, with good reliable and low cost.
  • Products is being dismountable, easy cleaning, maintenance, then no worry later.
  • Design pressure for the water side is 1.0MPa, the 4.2 Mpa for the refrigerant side.
  • Suitable for:Refrigerant R22,R410A. Gas loading:H2O。

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